Tuesday, July 9, 2013

African Violets Are Doing Well, Lost One

Most of the plants are doing well. I lost one. A NOID. I am bad at remembering to water regularly. It is a problem that I have with pretty much all houseplants.

The Rob's Boolaroo is doing great in it's wick watering set up. It will need to be repotted into a larger pot soon. I worry about doing that, though, as I don't have very good luck with repotting. Many don't survive and only a few ever thrive.

I am surprised at how much this one has grown from the original potting up.

I will put it off as long as I can. I would like to try rooting one or two of the trailers, but fear ruining the plant.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wick watering method - Once Around Again

With so many medical issues going on lately, and having to bring the horse out on lead to graze for 3 hours a day, there is little time to remember what plants need watering when.

I had tried a form of wick watering once a few years ago. The method was an aluminum lasagna pan with 3" of aquarium gravel. The wicks were pushed down into the gravel. It just didn't seem to work very well for me and I gave up, going back to hand watering.

Finally, I decided to give it another try with a slightly (well very) different method than before. 

In this method, I cut a water drinking bottle in half about 2/3 of the way up. To help prevent algae (although I am not terribly concerned about algae growth), I placed a piece of masking tape down the side, primed and painted the bottom portion with acrylic paint in terra cotta color. Then sealed with mod podge. Removed the masking tape. The "see through" strip will help me see when the reservoir is running low. There is also a square cut out for filling the reservoir, to help with air circulation and  prevent a vacuum seal.

I ran a piece of acrylic yarn through the top portion and stuffed it lightly with a small piece of paper towel. In the future, I will likely drill a couple of holes in the lid and string the yarn through that. The yarn I used was worsted weight 4-ply which being as the plant, Rob's Boolaroo, is a miniature, I split it to 2-ply. And filled the top portion with a mixture of 1/2 perlite, 1/4 vermiculite, and 1/4 spagnum peat moss.

Will be keeping a very close eye on this little fella. I also used a plastic mayonnaise jar as a reservoir for an African Violet in a 3 inch pot. Not painted, just plain old plain old for now. A small square is cut for air circulation and to prevent a vacuum seal.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Babies potted up

Finally felt brave enough to separate the babies from mama leaves of Silverglade Ribbons. Potted up 6 babies (with two extras in the same cup... as insurance in case of any fatalities). Once all are well established and growing, I plan to offer 2 or 3 for trading or RR boxes.

Two leaves Silverglade Ribbons with lots of babies. Grown in 2 oz souffle cup with drainage holes

Babies in their new homes. Medicine dispense cups and small 1 oz plastic cups. Cups placed in covered pie pan to help hold humidity. Wet tissue added.

Set two leaves of Anastasia and two of a mis-labeled AV, still waiting for blooms to assist in identification.

Big Box store will be getting a shipment of AV's next week. Can hardly wait. Hoping to find two or three that I want to rescue. These will live in the master bathroom in quarantine.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

African Violet Leaves To Trade or Sell

Although my favorite African Violet had no ID, I think the blooms are just gorgeous. I am offering to trade leaves (have two set for babies right now) and will have 4 available to trade.
Any NOID would be happily considered in trade. Or if you would like to buy them I am asking $2.50 for two leaves postage paid.
Houdini is still struggling along. Repotted this morning.
The two Anastasia plants are doing well and I may be able to offer leaves soon.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

New Beginnings with African Violets

It's been a tough year or so. The African Violets I had suffered horrid neglect. I lost almost all of them. 20 varieties and 61 babies.
Now that life is settling down a little bit, I do want to begin again with collecting leaves and starting new babes.
I have 4 plants at this time.
A NOID that has bloomed. Gorgeous flowers. The flowers are a deep purple with white centers and faint white edges. The photo below is way off on colorization. Will keep trying to get something accurate.
Two Anastasias and a Houdini that survived the neglect.
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