Tuesday, November 29, 2011

African Violet Leaves To Trade or Sell

Although my favorite African Violet had no ID, I think the blooms are just gorgeous. I am offering to trade leaves (have two set for babies right now) and will have 4 available to trade.
Any NOID would be happily considered in trade. Or if you would like to buy them I am asking $2.50 for two leaves postage paid.
Houdini is still struggling along. Repotted this morning.
The two Anastasia plants are doing well and I may be able to offer leaves soon.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

New Beginnings with African Violets

It's been a tough year or so. The African Violets I had suffered horrid neglect. I lost almost all of them. 20 varieties and 61 babies.
Now that life is settling down a little bit, I do want to begin again with collecting leaves and starting new babes.
I have 4 plants at this time.
A NOID that has bloomed. Gorgeous flowers. The flowers are a deep purple with white centers and faint white edges. The photo below is way off on colorization. Will keep trying to get something accurate.
Two Anastasias and a Houdini that survived the neglect.
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